Lichaamstaal Utrecht (translates as body language) is a holistic massage therapist. I invite you to get in to contact with your body. Exactly as it is at this moment.

Massage therapy can be valuable when you want to deepen the contact with your own body. In many cases we might loose contact. Either because of physical pain, unpleasant experiences in the past, or intense or overwhelming emotions. Together we will explore the sensations in your body. At your own pace.

During a session we will start with a short introduction. You can tell what brought you here, and I will tell a bit more about how I work.
We decide together what area of your body will get the attention.

I am specifically welcoming people from the queer community.  Being queer myself I have a lived experience. I know how valuable, relaxing or heartwarming it can be to be in an environment where you do not have to explain yourself. You are welcome just as you are, whether your question is queer related or not.

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